Free Huang Qi

Huang Qi's Wife Needs Help to Pay for a Lawyer

For about two months, Huang Qi's wife, Zeng Li, was unable to find a lawyer to defend her husband, as he is charged with subversion and attempting to overthrow the government of China. This is a charge that appears to frighten lawyers away.

But now Zeng Li has a found a lawyer in a nearby city, but this is expensive. It has been estimated that the attorney fees will be about $7,000.

You can help Huang and his wife by mailing a contribution to the address shown below. Please do so. Every amount, no matter how small, will help Huang and the cause of freedom in China.

Please make your check or money order payable to the order of "ACSS Fund for Huang Qi" and send to:

           Xiaoyang Lin c/o ACSS Fund
           Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
           University of Victoria
           P.O. Box 3055,
           Victoria, B.C.,
           V8W 3P6 Canada

Note: ACSS is an acronym that stands for: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars

  R.W. Koontz