A Letter From Huang Qi
(Apparently written just before his trial)

Soon, the solemn republic court will have a show, I, an internet writer, will be made up as a bad guy.

On Oct 23rd 1998, after a year-long preparation, my wife Zeng Li and I sold our family assets and created the first institute for looking for missing people in China.

On June 14th 1999, we started China's first online people search service: Tianwang People Search (6-4tianwang.com)

Up to June 3rd 2000, we worked with other groups in the society and helped 200 families united, where more than 80 were worked out independently by Tianwang. Thousands of missing people are being benefited by our service.

Most significantly, we cooperated with Sichuan Police, I led them to rescue seven girls (note: girls sometimes are traded for wives by human trader in China). Zeng Li led another team went to Yunnan and rescued a three year old girl (kidnapped and sold). These achievements have been widely reported by People's Daily and other newspapers in China.

We created a magic, a private corporation was reported by hundreds of newspapers within one year.

On Dec 9th 1999, I started the first human rights website in China -- Scream Online!

The idea to open this service was initiated by "Rescuing 7 girls".

When I brought back the seven girls, all over the society showed sympathy for the fate of these girls, and were angered by the criminals. But when facing the fact that Public Security Department gave protection to the criminals, all groups of the society kept silent. The facts could not be published.

After Scream was open, we reported many abuses and complaints. This service drew attention from the whole world. It helped some problems solved.


One newspaper sent a journalist to learn how we worked, learn how to treat the people in the lowest class.

After media's attention, we received many letters and many people come to visit us. I must work more than 12 hours a day, and often more than 20 hours.

In middle Dec. 1999, Mr. Zneg Quanfu was brought to my office, he introduced the fact that labors who were exported to overseas did not receive proper pay and media was not able to report this under pressure.

After investigation, we found that more than 200,000 peasants have similar experience. They have been depraved hundreds of million (RMB) what they should earn. What is worse, all of them were required to cut off their appendices at their own expenses.

At the end of December 1999, we published this injustice that was the worst in 90s. All famous newspapers in China reported this investigation and the world angered.

But CCTV, XinHua News Agency kept silent after interviewed us many times, the reason was: this would affect China's joining WTO.

In February of 2000, one director from Peoples Daily came to Tianwang, after he confirmed the facts, reported to the central government in the form of internal reference.

In middle Feb. 2000, I was told that Premier Zhu ordered to conduct an investigation. But victims, Tianwang and journalists did not see any investigators.

After this injustice was released, the responsible officials were in a panic. The director of Sichuan Labor Export-Ren Shenliang was one of them. His father is the Committee Director of Commission for Inspecting Discipline of Sichuan Province, his father ordered a TV station to erase the video tapes. I received many warnings and threatens.

On Feb 25th 2000, official of Sichuan National Security, Pu Liping came to Tianwang, together with officials of Labor Export (Sichuan), he warned me and victims "if you dare to release the fact that I come to Tianwang, I will close your web site".

On Feb. 27th, I published Mr. Pu's communication contents, many newspapers reported.

On March 30th, I was summoned to Chengdu Public Security Bureau, I was required to stop publishing progress of Premier's Order. I refused their request. They closed the web site.

On the same day, Industrial and Commercial Bureau official came to Tianwang, issued a fine to Tianwang as a revenge.

On 13th April, Public Security Bureau summoned me again, still about Premier Zhu's order.

On 15th April, the web site was re-open under help of friends. I received warning that Public Security and National Security will arrest me.

I believe that CCP represents people's interest, and correct its own mistakes from time to time (according to President Jiang). What we have done are consistent with thousands of victims' interest. Because of our efforts, many labor export institutions have stopped cutting labors' appendices.

For this reason, I did not leave my office when I received a warning three hours before the arrest: " are you Nanbo? They will come, the arrest is led by the Head of the public security bureau".


On morning of June 5th, a team of police brought me to my home and office. They confiscated all office equipments and all mails and documents, including Zeng Li's personal staff.

On June 6th, the inmate (assigned to monitor me) ordered me to sleep aside the toilet. When other inmates urinating, my head was 60 centimeters away from their genitals. Urine was all over my head.

On June 7th, police Mr. Xia told me before 20 other inmates :" [that] you should sleep next to the toilet is my arrangement", I asked him: "I think it is ordered by the bureau. Mr. Xia realized that he should not release the secret and went out [left the area].

After that, the inmate mentioned many times :" if I do not do so, [mistreat you in this way] they will give me trouble".

Every night, I was handcuffed and shackled, slept on the wet ground, tasted the urine...

[I could] hardly bear the torture, I tried suicide, but failed.


Note: written by Huang Qi, this translation did not cover all his words, and also may not proper in grammar etc. But you will know what are happening to Mr. Huang Qi. Two hours later, the trial will start. Let's pray!

More: http://www.6-4tianwang.com/nh/2000/1.shtml