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Part of "Eagle Nebula"     M31 Galaxy     "Hourglass" Nebula



Planets and Moons

Our earth is a planet, so is Mars and Jupiter, Saturn and so on. There are nine planets in our solar system and several are very interesting, such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  But the moons of some planets are equally interesting. 

Here are small pictures of Earth, Saturn and Jupiter -- shown from left to right. To explore these planets and their moons,  just click on any one of these three images. This will cause a new browser window to open.

Earth     Saturn    



Galaxies are large collections of stars, with a typical galaxy consisting of about 100 billion stars. Galaxies come in many forms and there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

If you click on any one of these three galaxy pictures, you will enter the galaxy section. This will open a new web browser.




Nebulae are systems of gas and dust that exist with nebulous structure; thus such a system is called a nebula. Sometimes these systems exhibit great beauty and speak of the majesty and enormity of space.

To explore the subject of nebulae, and to see some truly breathtaking pictures, click on either one of the nebula pictures shown below.


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