Swiss Composer, Thierry Berset
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Message From Susanne


If you scroll down, you will find links to five of the musical compositions of my dear colleague, Thierry.  The music is in MP3 format and thus requires an MP3 program on your computer to play.  Many computers come with this installed now.  See what happens when you click on the link.  If the music plays, you have an MP3 player.

The title and a brief comment on the music, by Thierry, are also contained below.

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Thierry Berset's Music

Susanne's Song
"This song is dedicated to my friend from Bern"
Black Snow
"Black Snow" was written for all those poor young people who live in misery because of drugs.  I have written this with the hope that those young people will find the strength to get out of it ..."

Peggy's Cove

Dedicated to the 229 victims of Swiss Air flight 111, September the 3rd 1998 by Halifax (Canada)

Hymnus for Brigitte

To my most appreciated and precise colleague.

Arpeggio d'Amore

Dedicated to all people who are in love.

Ballade pour Evelyne

To my sweet goddaughter !



Thierry at work composing