Hello from Switzerland       

My name is Susanne Angst, and I live in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It is my hope that you will enjoy the lovely and interesting things we have placed here, and I wish the very best to you. Just scroll down to enjoy art, poetry, several photography exhibits and much more.

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The Plight of Gerald Marshall
Texas Death Row Inmate

Gerald Marshall is a young man facing execution for a crime I believe he did not commit.   Please click on Gerald's picture to learn more and to help.

  — Susanne       





Susanne's Sunrise Pictures

If you click on the picture, you will be able to see my sunrise pictures

  — Susanne       





The Music of Thierry Berset

If you click on the picture, you will be able to hear some of the lovely songs written by my friend and colleague, Thierry Berset.

  — Susanne       





Susanne's Pictures of Bern's Münster Cathedral    

If you click on the picture, you will see some lovely pictures of Bern's Münster Cathedral.

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Susanne's Pictures of Bern    

If you click on the picture, you will see some lovely pictures of Bern, where I live.

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 The Art of Frank Buchser    

Frank Buchser was an adventurer, a world traveler and a fighter for all sorts of causes. He also very much liked the ladies.  But Frank Buchser is best remembered for his art.  And, for me, Buchser's works that capture life in the American South are particularly thrilling.  Perhaps you will agree.

To see this man's art, please click on the picture — which will open in a new browser window.

  — Susanne  









The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood      

Please do see and read what I have assembled on a group of painters whose greatness lies in representation of dreamy beauty.  You can go to that dreamy land by clicking on the picture.








My Vietnam War Pen-Pals     

I am trying to locate three of my American pen pals who fought in the Vietnam war.  The names of my three friends are: Allan Berger, Michael Enos and Kenneth Full.  To see their pictures, please click on the picture to the left. 








Huang-Qi and His Son

Huang-Qi in Prison     

Huang-Qi was the first person in China to develop a web site for human rights. But since June 3rd of 2000 he has been in prison, charged with subversion for publishing a letter relating to the incident at Tiananmen Square. Please click on the picture to learn more about him.









"Lady," by Angst

Art Gallery        

We have a very lovely art gallery with over forty van Gogh paintings, numerous paintings by Gaugin, as well as art that Robert Koontz and I have created. This is a very nice collection. Please do click on the picture to visit the art gallery.







Photography Exhibit     

We have a very nice series of pictures that show Einstein, FDR, Gandhi and the Russian war in Chechnya. We also have numerous pictures of thermonuclear weapons detonations, as well as large and marvelous pictures of gorillas and other primates. Please do click on the picture to visit this exhibit.






Octavio Paz    

In 1990 the Mexican poet Octavio Paz won the Nobel Prize in literature.  "Poetry makes things more transparent and clearer and teaches us to respect men and nature," Paz insisted. Please click on the picture to visit Susanne's collection of Paz poetry.






The Poetry of Langston Hughes    

Langston Hughes was a very interesting man and a great poet. We have a small collection of his poetry, along with numerous pictures of him throughout his life. Please do click on the picture to visit my Langston Hughes poetry section







The Art and Poetry of     
 Kahlil Gibran     

Kahlil Gibran was a painter and poet who gained international recognition prior to his death in 1931. Please do read his poetry and examine his art by clicking on his picture.







The Beauty of Space   

Have you seen the photographs that have been taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, and have you seen the pictures of Jupiter's moons that were sent back to earth by the Galileo spacecraft? Please click on the picture if you want to visit the Space section.







Metaphysical Aphorisms   

Throughout history men and women have sought metaphysical truth. What then is the meaning of life and our purpose in existing? Please explore these questions with us by clicking on the picture.







Global Warming   

Robert and I have many concerns about global warming. Perhaps you would like to see our Global Warming page and look at the current research. Please click on the picture to do so.







My Best Wishes to You   

I hope you have enjoyed my site. If so, then please take time to write me a not, will you?  Click here to send me a message.  Thanks, Susanne.